One Cup @ a Time

There’s been lots of talk about suicide in the recent news. When it’s a celebrity who’s passed, the subject receives a great deal of spotlight. Unfortunately, most deaths aren’t of that status… To Me, these lives matter just as much!! Did you know though, that since 1999, the rate of death by suicide has increased by 30%?! According to the National Institution of Mental Health, and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, WISQARS Leading Causes of Death Reports in 2016, nearly 44,000 individuals felt death was his/her only option.

Thankfully, I’m not the only one who values us everyday citizens. This past week, while surfing through Facebook, I came across an incredibly inspiring video. The page is called Well-Rounded Life. The particular video I watched was about a coffee shop, in the Big City of Chicago. The staff addresses every individual as “friend”. The conversations are that of mental heath issues, and the customers receive guidance as to where to seek help, as well as listening from someone who genuinely cares. This coffee shop isn’t licensed in any form of professional mental health services; however, that doesn’t stop them from extending grace to those who are hiding the invisible scars.

I was deeply touched by this story, as I’ve lost a loved one to suicide. I find that a gesture such as this, is the small change in the lives of many, that will begin a positive rippling affect. My hope is that others in the United States, where 123 suicides occur on a daily bases, will follow this incredible example of restored humanity. It doesn’t take a degree to listen. We aren’t expected to receive a college education to give time to an individual who’s hurting. Kindness costs absolutely nothing, but it makes a world of difference.

For the Sip of Hope Coffee Bar, change is happening one cup at a time! That my friends, sounds like a sweet freshly brewed cup of awesomeness to me!

#WATWB (We are the World Blogfest) entry ☕️☕️

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