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Before I continue, I want to make it clear, this is strictly my opinion and referencing ONLY my personal experiences. In no way am I coercing anyone, nor disregarding any particular blog style or page.

Good Morning, fellow Bloggers:) I hope your day has been wonderful thus far! I’m honestly “trying” to have a great day; but, we’ll see what happens. Trying is all any of us can do, on days when our heads are foggy and our bodies feel weak, right? That’s me right now.

Anyway, this past week, I’ve spent a great deal of time on Twitter, participating in Supporting other Bloggers.

Here’s a few of my mental notes:

  1. There’s multiple platforms in which people blog.
  2. That widget “Follow Button” is the EASIEST way for me to provide you with my support.
  3. I’d suggest every blogger to add this to his/her profile.
  4. I’m so discouraged that I can’t follow anyone who blogs via other than WordPress.
  5. Adding a personal touch to blog tweets will likely gain viewers.
  6. Twitter is an OUTSTANDING advertising source to gain readers!
  7. Twitter has ” support my account threads ” for every kind of social media.
  8. A resource, like this, is constantly flourishing with ideas.
  9. The talent in this community is mind blowing!
  10. Twitter is a great place to have instant access to a support team.
  • I just wanted to share my thoughts with you:D I hope to see you in my Tweet Line 🐦
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    4 thoughts on “Bloggers Support

    1. What hashtags do you use to find bloggers? Meaning which should I use in my posts to get people’s attention?
      So far, my facebook page has been more successful in luring people in than my twitter.

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