#WAD: Thursday

Once Capacious 🏢 His capacious apartment once felt like home: 3 bedrooms,  1.5 bath, 2600 square feet. The patio faced North, and the master bedroom displayed the sunset every evening, through the extra wide double glass windows. Fredrick remembered the summer of 3026, when he and his newly wedded bride relocated here. He had his […]

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Not bad for a #doodlesketch! #eyesketch #lushiouslashes #femaleeyes #doodles #fundaysunday #quiettime #paperandpencil #follow #instaartist #instadrawings #follow4followback #followers #blackandwhite #notbadithink View on Instagram https://ift.tt/2OmW7q6

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For the Love of Challenges

I was hoping to find this list:D Doesn’t it feel wonderful when you find something little that makes like easier by leaps and bounds? Through the Friday Fictioneers, I’ve been challenged to research and explore unfamiliar grounds. Before this year, I would have ran in the opposite direction at the sniff of a challenge! That […]

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When I knew🍁🌸💜

Love is…. that moment when you look at someone and completely question everything that you thought made sense. Love is… that moment when you question your life because this feeling of being complete has settled on you. Love is… that moment when you ache to please someone else, and their happiness becomes your focus. Love […]

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Please Read

Good Afternoon/Day Lovelies: I wanted to clarify something: ALL of my “Friday Fictioneers” are about James ( first introduced) then a Continumium) and his mystery woman (Who Ive named Ezra). The idea of James and his family being masters of architecture with grandfather clocks came from a FF of which I didn’t participate. I simply […]

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#FF: Tick-Tock, Coffee’s Hot

Photo Prompt Credit: Priorhouse James recited his speech, as he made his way up the darkened stairwell. As a young lad, James attended this Annual Winter Formal with his Father and Grandfather. As a seventh generation tradesman, James fell right into succession as a Master of Architecture with Grandfather Clocks. Finally reaching the complimentary coffee […]

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Photo Prompt: Ramy Kabalan 10 Word Photo Story Challenge Unwavering and endlessly, she focused on the road to freedom.

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Today truly feels like the twilight zone. Nothing feels good. Nothing feels normal. Nothing feels happy. My decision to begin birth control might have been a really big mistake. Without going into unnecessary details, it’s a decision I made for myself, not because this was needed per say. Right now, I feel as if I’ve […]

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Dear You

Dear You, You trying to be invisible, You secluding in the back, Dear You, You driving to fast, You hiding under the sheets, Dear You, You staggering in at 6 a.m., You crying upon endlessness crying, Dear You, You drowning yourself in pity, You convincing yourself of shit, Dear You, You shutting everyone out, You […]

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A Beginner at an Ending

Right now, I’m watching a Netflix Original Series , “The L Word”. In this particular segment, Jenny, a compulsive and inspiring author, is meeting with an editor. She’s been diligently writing from the moment her character was introduced in Season 1. Her script has finally landed in the hands of a publisher, who’s desire is […]

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moments … If I may say, I’ve had some very wonderful ones already today! Have you? Have you noticed? Did you laugh or soak all of it in as if your life depended on it? Gosh, I sure hope so! I hope they stopped your mind from wandering, and you thought of absolutely nothing else. […]


#FF: Re-humanizing Cafe

Photo Prompt ©️Dale Rogerson This patio welcomed every passerby. The funny part is, NYC natives tell the same story: after a brief stay, every resident reroutes ship to sail this street as often as possible. Ezra did just that. Angelina’s Sip & Sweets was the best, hands down. The light’s collapsed upon an atmosphere of adventure, wonder and, […]

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Smallest Birds in the world

Of the list, #3 & #5 are my favorites😍😍 Gorgeous birds!! Birds are awesome and they come in various shape and sizes. The Smallest bird in the world (Bee Hummingbird) weighs just 1.6 gm whereas the largest Bird — Read on alltoptens.com/top-10-smallest-birds-in-the-world/

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This Is It😍

*TRIGGER WARNING * SENSITIVE SUBJECT (S) POST Growing up, I felt “sick”… Or at least that’s how my mother influenced me to feel about my sexuality. We never had that birds and bees conversation. We never had any conversation about sexual health! She always said, while growing up, she didn’t have time to date. She […]

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You are Enough

You are the author of your story. You decide when chapters are over and how they end. You decide who stays and who fades, what details matter and which do not, what points deserve recognition and which are insignificant. The pen is in your hand. The story is yours: choices, thoughts, storyline, characters and ending […]

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Top 10

Reasons I Love My Daughter in School : She makes new friends. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized the importance of friendships. I truly wish I realized this, that my parents nurtured this idea when I was my daughter’s age. I see other parents. Suddenly I don’t feel so alone in the ” sometimes” struggles […]

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I’m Thinking About You

Don’t those words usually feel warm and fuzzy! It’s one of the “perfect moments” in life, as I call them. To know someone had you in mind, hoping you’re doing at least ok, but lovely enough to tell you as much. Life is this one shot…. Right now it’s all we’re promised… I want you […]

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Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Woman survives cancer, not once, but twice. Teacher shields her students in a school attack. Child decides to raise money for a parent’s bill. Man pushes himself to regain independency. Young man assists an elderly across the street. An employee encourages a special needs customer to help. Volunteering with disaster relief Donating blood. Registering as […]

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I’ve Just Discovered Him

I don’t do life without laughter! I just can’t; especially with society’s pms’ing Offended nonsense these days. Tonight, I REALLY needed my endorphins! (And My scale was already threatening me to stay away from my KitKats) Surfing Netflix, I came across this pale, odd, and homosexual looking fella. His name is Daniel Sloss! “Why Not?!”, […]

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Reaching My Goal

Attention 😀 : I am blessed to have 142 followers as of this morning. That’s hard for me to believe, but it’s my honor to have so many enjoy my posts. I hope to continue enriching life here 🙂 For a bit of excitement, I’m running a contest to see who wins the 200th follower […]

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Goooooooood Morning everyone (did you read that in your best Robin Williams voice?) ((if not, read it again 😁😁))! How has your day kicked off? You make it to the coffee pot yet? I’m about 3/4th way through my first cup, and this is usually when I refill. I am a funny coffee drinker. I […]

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Favorite Movies

My Top 10 Favorite Movies The Lion King The Little Mermaid Collateral Beauty The Age of Adaline Shawshank Redemption Erin Brockovich Rigoletto The Freedom Writers Dirty Dancing Saving Private Ryan  

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It’s Beyond Coincidental

the-fit-geek.tumblr.com/post/177957463530/be-patient-with-yourself-all-flowers-blossom-at “Be patient with yourself. All flowers blossom at different times.” —CKJ, Finding Avalon     I was talking to a friend this morning because I couldn’t take anymore. (thank you The Good The Human for offering a listening ear. That really touched my heart!) She helped me realize I have been emotionally overwhelmed, in […]

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Seventeen Years Later

Wow!… I can’t wrap my brain around the idea that our United States has seen this many “9/11″s. Before that September Day, for many of us.. 9-11 was 9-1-1. It symbolized hope, and help. Teachers and parents taught us, as children, these three, single digit numbers, were a life-line to call someone “in an emergency”. […]

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The BEST thing ever

. . . Dark chocolate Kit Kats😍😍😍 I’m a sucker for chocolate; although, I work hard to moderate my intake LOL, My thoughts run parallel with this kid up in the picture. Yummy. All that smooth, creamy, crispy, yet slightly crunchy goodness. Definitely made my list of Guilty Pleasures.

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Suicide Awareness Month #2

These are the 5 steps to get involved in someone’s life who may be suicidal. Now, you may say, “Brandy, my (whomever) was happy go lucky all the time. (Whomever) was always smiling and laughing. I had no idea there was even a problem.” Robin Williams is exactly this scenario. When people hurt the most, […]

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Suicide Awareness Month #3

striking facts: ▪ Five million Americans have attempted suicide. Every seventeen minutes, one of them succeeds. ▪ Three and a half million Americans are survivors of a loved one’s suicide. Most of them have been left with a sense of guilt and deep grief. ▪ Between 1999 and 2010, the suicide rate in this country […]

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Little Explorers 🐢🐢

Ben is in the back. He’s extraverted, maybe because he wasn’t traumatized shortly after arriving here 🤔🤦🏼‍♀️. Jerry is chilling towards the back of the tub. They’re so little, I thought some time in a big opened space, warmer water and overhead light would do them some good. I’m definitely going to have to pick […]

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Suicide Awareness Month #1

Sadly, the Suicide rate has rapidly increased from 1999 to 2016 (the most recent year on record). This photo has been taken from Centers For Disease Control and Prevention In Ohio, within this seven year period, the rate increased by 36%!! That’s terrifying ~

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