Worthy in His Image

He turned water into wine; parted a sea, and rose from the dead. Christmas is His season of Miracles💞💞

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Sunshine Blogger Award 🌟🌻

Special thanks is being sent to the sweetest and super awesome Sadje!!! I’m so deeply honored to accept this nomination! Sadje, I value and cherish you and your visits to my blog. You’ve been so encouraging to me, when I questioned my techniques, doubted my abilities, and succeeded to feel “good enough” to be here. […]

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Happy Thanksgiving

💛🍁❤️ Sending tons of love to you and yours! . . .🦃🍃   #thanksgiving #instathanks #blessings #friendsandfamily #instagood #instadaily Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house […]

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Joy Today

What has brought you joy today? What made you smile and/or laugh? What made your heart feel lighter or that God sent just for you? Please comment your answer below if you’d like to participate.  My Joy today :        Delicious pumpkin pie. Conversations with friends. Instagram Decluttered kitchen Coloring

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Sprinkled Faith

I just wanted to share this blessing with you ~ I know I desperately needed this reminder this morning. It’s the line of Keith Garrett’s A Touch Of Faith “A touch of faith is yours to have and keep.” You can read it entirely, here.  

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Monday again

Monday mood on yet another Monday morning! Have a great one lovelies! Thanks for being freaking awesome and reading/following/leaving comments! Xoxo

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Daily Writing Challenge: Cosmic Mesh

Three Word Challenge:  connected intelligence enlighten  The spacecraft zipped through the black sparking cosmic atmosphere. It traveled over 60mph but everything appeared as if in slow motion.  As Monte sat at the wheel, he noticed this circular object. The craft seemed to be heading straight for it. He feared a major catastrophe, but he couldn’t manage […]

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#FOWC: Tryst

The full cherry blossom trees always create a tryst for the visitors. The branches are strong and rich with color. The walk way, tucked beneath, is perfect for Friday night summer strolls or Autumn weddings. Won and Nochi have seized every opportunity to see this gorgeous piece of home. Written for Fandango’s One Word Challenge.

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