#FOWC: Catch-Up

Picture Credit: Pinterest

Viola Royal enjoys every second of her job. The emporium is a fascinating place, divided into spaces for advanced science and engineering displays. The upper floor is designated reading material and manuscripts to guide astrology students. She has always used the stars to rid her soul of negative energy. One evening, shortly after the last of the visitors left, Viola sat at the top of the spiral staircase.

The porium tabbies were close by, clawing books, climbing bookcases, and rolling around playing with one another. Thankfully there’s nothing of real danger to them here. When she was hired, there were five four-legged friends that kept visitors company. As of last week, that number had climbed to over a dozen. As adorable as they are, Viola can’t seem to figure from where they come.

Neighborhood individuals must stop by, determined not to disrupt anyone, dumps them and vanishes, without a trace. Thankfully, she truly enjoys each one. She doesn’t have pets at home. She’s not married, and she hasn’t a mother. She also doesn’t have anyone else who needs her. It’s actually welcoming to have something begging for her affection. The adorable faces, little sniffles and sneezes, the snuggles and purrs are heartwarming on the coldest of days. Each little blessing tears at her heart, but it seems that represses with each leg rub and lap visit.

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