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spiral notebook beside pen and plants
Photo by Kristen Boudreaux on Pexels.com

Hello Friends\ (••) /,

Thank you for accepting my invitation to join me for coffee and donuts. God knows I need this time, with other like-minded kindered hearts.

This is my first weekend doing a coffee share, so I want to introduce myself. I am Brandy; but, my writing alas is MoonChild Nova or Nova. I want to use that with my writing friends; but, either is fine. I am an Empath, and an INFJ personality type… So I function more on the emotions spectrum than the logic. I love nature, coffee, writing, the arts, basketball, photography, and lots of other things. I’m a mother of a two and a half-year old, and a five and a half year old.

My first story I want to share with you actually took place today. My younger daughter, Calandra, visits her dad on the weekend, so my older daughter and I have quality time together. Today, I decided we were going to the park and collect acorns to bring home for the squirrels here. Here are a few photos of the jewels she and I found(。♥‿♥。)

Just as I finished up picking acorns from a second tree, I heard an animal cry. It was a little squarel. I hadn’t ever heard such a sound before. I turned around and started toward the car and noticed this:

MASSIVE BIRD!! \(◎o◎)/ I was shocked!!

Anyway, I’m excited to hear from you lovelies and getting to know you:)

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10 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare

  1. Hi! Thank you for your coffee share post. Enjoyed reading it. Looks as though you and your daughter had a wonderful time collecting nuts and seed cones and autumn leaves. We have eagles, hawks and a stray falcon or two who hunt over the city. It is exciting to see them spot a potential meal and dive for it. We’ve many dogs in our neighborhood, and so the birds seem inclined to carry off their prey to eat elsewhere. Beautiful photos you’ve taken.

    My temperament type is INTP (quite drastically). No children, didn’t marry until my mid-40s, and an avid reader. Look forward to reading your weekend coffee posts!

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    1. Thanks for your lovely response!! Nature sure is exciting at any part of the world, I can’t imagine seeing “the dive”!
      Oh yes, we are drastically different, but that can also be very complicating:)

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