Friday Night Comedy

” This stand-up comedian is actually funny!” Ezra thought to herself. “His material is refreshing and new. What a perfect choice for a date!” Her thoughts continued. At this stage in the game, if the individual doesn’t have the crowd laughing after 2 minutes, they best return to their day jobs.

The comedy club had opened at the end of September, and Ezra had passed by several times. She’s wanted to visit, but she’s dedicated to her work, and that occupies most of her waking hours.

On one particular Monday, she woke later than usual. The Bachelorette party extended the entire length of the weekend, and she desperately needed her latte. It was a still dark outside, which challenged her greater to wake up. “Angelina’s Sip and Sweets has the best. Mmmmm, I can almost taste it.” she uttered slowed, finally rolling out of bed. Roughly ten minutes later, she was out of the shower, and buttoning her favorite red pleated blouse. With only an hour until she’s due to check in, she grabbed her keys by the stand-up mixer, and headed out the door.

This area of New York is such a bustling place of personal shops, visitors, and children at play. Sitting on Aubergine Avenue, right outside of Manhattan, Ezra loved it here, especially during Christmas.

It was home, her favorite place in the entire world. Every year, on the first Saturday in December, she’d join her two best friends, Jose and Kim, for lunch. Jose was an architect from Up State NY! He reconstructed the fifth wing of the Pentagon, after 9-11. Ezra always thought him to be a stand-up guy, protective and charming. He’d be quite a catch for any man. Kim is a dance instructor from downtown NYC. She’s been dancing since she was three, and immediately feel in love.

That morning, she made it to the cafe in plenty of time, there was hardly a line since it was fairly early yet. She eagerly made her way up to the counter and ordered her mocha latte! Her taste buds were salivating; her blood level was dangerously close to normal. The associate finally handed her the hot drink and bid her good day.

No sooner did she have but two delicious sips, this man flew in from out of who knows where and runs right into her. The drink landed all over her, and the gentleman appeared embarrassingly sympathetic. ” I’m terribly sorry!” His eyes told her. She couldn’t speak. He was dashingly handsome, and words would only make the situation more awkward.

As the audience erupted with delightful laughter, Ezra smiled happily at Mark. If it weren’t for that incident that morning, she never would have met James’ cousin, the love of her life.

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