Attention: Please Read

This late morning/early afternoon, FBI reported custody of a 21 year old male, from Holland, Ohio. Later, they reported a second “incident”, though similar in detail, of a 23 year old female.

The FBI and police in that/Toledo area worked hard, undercover even, to keep us safe. Each of these individuals were planning events based on personal beliefs that WOULD HAVE ended in mass casualties. The male wasn’t permitted to purchase a fire arm, but planned to commit such an act as that of The Tree of Life Tragedy in Pittsburgh. He was also leaking information to a terrorist organization, ISIS.

This male… planned to execute his vision within DAYS had he not been captured.

This female had the materials to successfully carry out several pipe bombing explosions.

It’s moments like this, that I’m extra thankful for our people in uniform. I think we all should take a minute and send them good vibes/prayers/whatever positivity in any form.




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