Hey, it’s time for an update I think.

  1. I will be posting ” Nova’s Daily Random Word “. This is not a challenge. It’s just a “randomly” chosen word that helps you pull some ideas together for future writing. You don’t ever gave to share if you participate ; but, if you do, please just use “ndrw” in the day.

2. I will also be posting my contribution to this song Challenge.

3. On a personal note, my personal life is improving. We all face challenges, and it’s up to us how they impact our lives. Things are different but good.

4. I’m sensing some deep sadness right now, and I’m not sure from what. For this reason, I’ll be a bit more ghostly here on WP. This feeling of grief is a combination of things I think, and I want to do some things privately to heal.

5. I’m ever so grateful for each of you. I hope you always remember that. I hope you grow within so you see the value of you that everyone else can.

6. I am severely ignorant to the hate and brutality in our history as a species. Within the past five days, I’ve gained great insight, and I’m speechless. Maybe that’s why my heart hurts. The behavior of some individuals towards others is less than humane. Absolution for that if Russians toward the Jewish, and the Japanese toward Americans, the Nazi, hunting down gypsies, the mentally challenged, Soviets, Jewish. American sellers, owning individuals of color…. It’s all unbelievably inhumane.

Guh, I know that is random but much is on my mind. I’ll return more frequently when the time is right. I’d appreciate it if you’d leave positive vibes and prayers. Thank you.



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