Village of Everwood

I would walk a hundred miles to see these gorgeous snow capped mountains. They are mesmerizing in the winter. Every December, they appear iridescent from the village colored lights below. The town is called Everwood. It’s only a population of twelve thousand people. Though small, it’s a wonderfully supportive and close knit community. 

” Everything looks magnificent! “, I thought to myself.  This place holds an aura that’s extra inviting, twice as romantic, and just a place for families to gather. Down in town, residence stroll merrily along the  trail, snapping pictures and trying all the samples from the shops.

The huge store windows were slightly  covered with drifting snow. Wreaths of holly leaves and berries hung in the center. In the ledge of bigger store windows sat those old fashioned candle with the holders. Images of children running around and mothers hovering to keep kids safe were around every corner. 

Mr Phillips owned the town Quick N’ Shop. He’s the fifth generation in his family to manage the grocery store. Just last December, his aged 96 year old father caught pneumonia and passed. It was the dark cloud that fell over the hot,I day season. This year, in his father’s memory, Mr Phillip is handing out hot chocolate with  an assortment of muffins. That’s how the people here lived, doing the best they can with what they have. 


To be continued ➖

Featured image credit

Taken from Unsplash


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