God ,

My insecurities are enflamed; and, I can’t reach out in fear of looking selfish. Please walk me through a purification and cleansing of my heart. Like falling snow, make me feel wholesome and brand new. I’m weary and feeling insufficient. It may just be what he’s feeling. This may be the sadness he’s carrying. The lies are just obnoxiously in my face. Please stop them.

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15 thoughts on “Purity

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    I have gotten used to lies and liars so much that whenever I hear a truth, I am startled, confused and sort of try to create a distance from that truth-speaking individual.

    Why? Because after that truth, she is ultimately going to lie. Hence I choose to surround myself only with self-proclaimed liars. At least they are not hypocrites about lying and wear their lies proudly on their chests.

    Here (regarding lies), old wisdom of “you get what you expect” does not apply. When you are prepared for the worst, only the best can happen to you.

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