Winter Wonder

Prompt words: snow, run, crystal, sky, glow, footprints, wonder.

Little Isaiah saw the crystal sparkle from across the yard. He was sitting in the bay windows, pretending to conquer the world with his Tonka truck and Spiderman action figure. In his short three years, he’s always enjoyed alone time. Playing in his little world, things made sense, and his social anxiety was under control.

Within a few minutes, he managed to scurry down from the windows, boody shuffle down the stairs, and hurry to his mother’s leg in the kitchen.

“Mommy, star, star!” Little Isaiah declared with great enthusiasm. She was in her thoughts, and didn’t hear him.

“Mommy! Star, star!”, he repeated, this time pulling on the side of her apron.

“Oh honey, it’s only six o’ clock. It’s too early for the stars to be awake yet.” Mommy replied sympathetically. She knew facts were such disappointments for kids, especially when it involved something of their interest.

“Look, look!” Isaiah continued pulling,

“Ok pookie,” Mommy followed, ” Let’s go have a look at your star.”

With much excitement, the little guy took off, beyond himself that his mom’s going to see his special star.

“Isaiah, please don’t run in the house.” Mommy pleaded as they made their way to the foyer closet.

Ten minutes later, layered in snowshoes, with matching suits, hats, and gloves, Mommy and Isaiah were trucking through the six inches of freshly fallen snow.

The night before was incredibly cold, barely above ten degrees. It was the first big snowfall of the season, and the sky was showing signs of future accumulation. Mommy has lived in Grindelwald, Switzerland her entire life; however, nothing ever prepares her for the harsh cold winters.

Photo Credit attached

Roughly ten feet from the porch, Isaiah saw the beautiful pearl tinted glow. From the window, the color was faint, unrecognizable even.

“Isaiah, you did see something didn’t you?!” She murmured to her child. “I wonder what could it possibly be!”

Isaiah grew more eager the closer they got. Mommy felt her heart nearly burst as she watched him create little footprints in the snow. He was the best little person she knew.

By the time mommy and Isaiah were close to the assumed ” glowing star”, the light was gone, and only fresh, fallen, fluffy snow laid on the ground.

“I’m so sorry buddy. I don’t think your star is here anymore.” Mommy finally said to her son.

“AAAHHHHH maaaannnnn!” Isaiah puffed disappointingly. He turned around and began his sulking back to the house. He made it about eight steps when he felt a ball gently hit him.

“GOTCHA!!!” Mommy shouted in excitement. Isaiah laughed out loud and scooped up a big handful of snow.

The two continued with the family competition for the following twenty minutes. Despite the fall through, they had a great adventure.

Featured photo credit= Pixabay


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