Dry Season

Like the roots of the earth in the hot Indian days of summer, I struggle to find refreshing inspiration for writing. Nothing tastes good. Nothing quenches my thirst of what I consider “quality” writing. Nothing sparks, there’s no river flow of creativity. I guess, I shall keep walking… Hoping to find that water. I desire […]

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100,000 Stars

I’ve been super bitchy today. No amount of sleep or coffee seemed to go. Now, I understand why. Full moons have always made everyone looney since I could remember. Hospital staff and teachers have even told me such. Bluh An interactive 3D visualization of the stellar neighborhood, including over 100,000 nearby stars. Created for the […]

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I felt a piece of myself died when Princess Diana passed. It didn’t make sense, then; but, oh how it does now. I have recently printed two images and was speechless when I looked at them. I see the similarities between she and I. Maybe it’s just what I see. #Heritage #BritishRoots #SheswhereIcamefrom #BeautifulSouls #WeLookAlike

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