My Recommendation: Twitter Account 🌟

Over on Twitter, I’ve been blessed to meet so many fellow bloggers. It’s been a really cool expierence. I want to encourage you to

#1 Create an account of you don’t have one.


  • It’s the social media platform that’s the most instantaneous communication with others.
  • The tweets are simple to create.
  • Using popular blog hashtags brings visitors to your blog, and other social media accounts,
  • I would love to chat with you and
  • it’s fun!

” If it’s not your favorite, remember growth isn’t in a comfort zone.”

Once you’ve created an account

#2. Find me HERE: @ NovaNamaste19

#3. Follow accounts that “share” and/or “retweet” links.

Here are a few I suggest:

  1. AllThoseBlogs
  2. BloggerLoveShare
  3. LovingBlogs
  4. TheBloggersPost
  5. FemaleBloggerRT
  6. BloggersTribe


#4. Find the tweets that appear similar to this & join ” the party”!

These treads are overflowing with links to support fellow bloggers and your opportunity to chat with them. You post your blog link and watch your numbers bloom.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to comment below or inbox me @


14 thoughts on “My Recommendation: Twitter Account 🌟

  1. I have been hearing about Twitter for some years but I still have never actually seen it on someone’s device. But I hear, even on the news that people have “tweeted” messages, including the Prime Minister and the President Of the US. I thought it was just a fun thing at first, but it seems if people use it professionally too.

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    1. Seems to me, it’s more a “professional” tool than entertainment. I think only because I’m with a new angle of growing my blogging community. It’s interesting, and most defiantly a platform for both uses.

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