Fall Out’s & Meant 2 Be’s

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We have a set plan, an order in place… This is how we get from Point A to Point B… and eventually, ending up at the big goal.. Point Z.

How often does our life go according to that plan? More often than not, we amuse the universe as it throws in some wrench and creates a hurdle for us.

Our plan was created based on past success… This is how it worked before; therefore, we duplicate the process and succeed. The Universe… or Allah, or God.. whichever you believe, has a plan for us, created from what we can’t see, for a future we don’t know, and all working for our best interest.

We just need to keep a little faith. Those wrenches will slow your roll of things. Those road blocks will force you to change course. It’s going to be frustrating and it’s going to upset you. Keep Faith.

What’s meant for you WILL find you, at exactly the moment you are meant to have it. What’s meant for you will be your life, despite how your plan looked.

Sometimes, what we don’t gain, those unanswered prayers, are exactly what we’ve gained.. and exactly the right answer to our life in the present. We may not see it, at the time, but hindsight will show us.

The master plan is set before you, and you’re not in charge of getting there. Obtaining it, you follow that which is meant for you, and understand that a failed attempt, or a plan falling through, means something better is to come.

You’ve just got to keep going, diligently in work, and faith.. and you will end up right where you’ve been going, all along. You just couldn’t see it.


One thought on “Fall Out’s & Meant 2 Be’s

  1. I personally do believe in God and this idea that there is something out there moving and influencing us helps support my convictions. The world is simply too vast, too interconnected for their to not be a Creator. I really appreciate reading your thoughts on this.

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