My Happy Place

You know what makes my soul happy? Flowers!!

They really, truly do!

I just ordered a bunch of Morning Glories and organic Lavender seeds!

Anyone else super ready for planting?

Eeekkkkk, I can’t wait lol.


18 thoughts on “My Happy Place

    1. There’s a lavender farm about 15 miles down the road from me. I’ve been wanting to go to their open house but I keep missing it. I love it in my bubble bath & candles. It’s so relaxing!! I also like it in my tea!!

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      1. Yes, it’s definitely relaxing 🙂 I will help you remember that open house if you tell me the next date lol. That would be a really cool experience :)! I’m not sure if I’d like lavender in tea🤔


        1. I’ll have to look. I believe it’s July/August, but thanks for helping me remember!! I didn’t think I’d like lavender in tea either, but ir’s actually really good!!

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    1. My life is slowly being overrun by it🤣😁 I have it in hand soap, bubble bath, hand lotion, incense, bleach, trash bags and candles! Haha I used to hate it!

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