Hey, how is everyone doing?

I’m not nearly as sick, thankfully,

But my spirit still feels sad and heavy.

I’m not sure what’s going on with it.

I don’t bother asking for prayer because

I never get any responses. I’m just

exceptionally sad right now. I’ve been like

this all day. I don’t know what to do to feel better.

None of my techniques seem to be helping,

and I’m so sad.

#infj #hsp #depression #anxiety #lonely


11 thoughts on “Mood

  1. Sending you tons of love & hugs. I understand. It’s been a tough few months (especially last couple of weeks) here as well. Lots of sadness and just feeling really down. Only some brief moments of respite it seems like! I do wonder what’s happening that we are picking up on? Do you feel really distracted? As if you’re trying desperately to focus and just can’t seem to formulate the way you’re used to?

    My prayers are with you. May God touch your heart with His healing balm and restore joy to your soul. Brighter days are coming… ♥

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    1. I have spells of distraction, yes! I’m the last month, it’s just been everyone sick here. I felt unlike myself the entire month. There’s an unusual sense of something in the air though. I can’t place it.
      Sending loads of Love to You, that you’re able to feel recharged, refreshed, and renewed very soon 🌺🌸🌺🌸

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      1. So sorry you’ve been going through that there! It can be terribly draining & exhausting. I know what you mean about that “something in the air.” It definitely is!

        God bless you for your well wishes. I pray the same for you sweetheart ♥

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  2. Hope your mood will change very soon❤️ try to go out and not stay alone
    What about your kids, can they affect your mood a bit?
    Sending you lot of support and love ❤️

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      1. Sometimes happens when i have sad mood without any reason, but i’m trying to do something else and to dont think about it, i hope you will feel better soon🌸🤗

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