Oh Snap, That Opinion

I’m only going to say this once,

But, once is enough. It’s not being said

To open Pandora’s Box, or invite an argument.

I’m saying this, because this is my blog… And these are

my thoughts, and THEY matter.

You may decide you don’t like me after reading this,

That’s OK. You may decide to disagree with me; that’s

OK to. What won’t happen is WWIII in my comments or

Disrespect flowing this direction.

I respect your decision, I respect our differences.

So here I am:

I’m liberal. I believe in the real US history, and the government working for us.

I’m Pro-Life. By the time a fetus is 8 weeks, there’s a heartbeat, which means LIVING! It’s not the fault of a baby’s that inconvenience was set on an adult’s plate! Pro Choice isn’t about promoting Womens’ rights, it’s about keeping Planned Parenthood in business! Abortions kill living babies, OK. It’s wrong.

I’m Bi-sexual; therefore, I’m sexual equality! Let me lay this down straight to you, attraction isn’t a choice. Straight people, you didn’t wake up one day and say ” Oh I think I’m just going to love dick. Or Vaginas.” And Poof.. So be it. So stop the double standard. I thought something was wrong with me all my life… Because I love boobs as much as the next guy… But you know what, I’ve lost people because of it. There’s NOTHING I’vent been through that could influence me now. EVERYONE DESERVES to be happy… And happiness looks different for everyone.

I’m against the death penalty. Why? Because there’s innocent men and women incarcerated all the time! There’s even ones executed, who died wrongly convicted. It’s not right. This is a real issue. For those of you who lost a loved one on 9-11, I am so sorry! Why do I mention it? I’m not convinced it was some random act of terror. I believe there’s blood on the hands of our government. I would struggle with being American. So accept my apology, for the ignorance the Government keeps handing out.

I’m one who spanks my kids. So I beat them? No!! Do I leave marks? No! Do I limit this? Yes of course. I believe though that a stern butt spanking once in a while teaches when I’m not messing around about a rule.

K, that’s enough for now. I’m sure I’ve left a bad enough taste in some mouths.


15 thoughts on “Oh Snap, That Opinion

  1. I think people are rude especially online because humans have an innate need to be right. I like your post because it shows that people can take either side and believe in totally different things, and be decent human beings. It would be very unlikely for two humans to agree on everything. Just goes to show how complex and unique each human being is ❤️

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    1. You’re right on every account! I would hope, most of all, every person would be able to accept our unique differences, as well.
      Good Morning and Happy Sunday to you 💖🌸🌺

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  2. We are whom we are, we love whom we love…we have our own beliefs and morals whether people like it or not! They can stay or leave but they are not allowed to hurt and bully
    Hats off! There’s nothing to not be respected from my point of view and the way I see things
    People are so aware and pissed about our sexual preference or emotional inclination but they don’t give a shit that in 2019 there are still people dying from famine, there is people trafficking, children abuse, sex slavery, murders, wars….and the list goes on!
    This is an hypocrite and fucked up society

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  3. Decent human beings can have different outlooks on any or all of your comments and still continue to be decent. I agree with some things you discussed and and I disagree with the others. If people have a problem with that and can’t accept that no two human beings on this planet will ever agree with 100% of the time, and can’t just read your post and go on about their day, but instead have to make a rude remark or try to change your mind, then are they really decent?

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  4. I give you a “like” for confidently expressing your opinion without being nasty. I agree with some things you say, disagree with others. But I love that you are a kind person and a great mommy! 💖💖💖

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