Rocks & Jelly Beans

My daughter, Zivah, and I spent some quality time together. We ran to the largest candy store in the United States, b.a. Sweetie Candy Company, and bought a ton of jelly beans!!! (Because today is National Jelly Bean Day!!) Then, we ran to Long John Silver’s for chicken and chips. After lunch and Zivah accidently locking herself in the public restroom, we stopped at Home Depot, for rocks to paint. We were going to head to the park to collect acorns and other nature finds, but didn’t make it. I wanted to take some time to pick up some trash, too. Maybe something we’ll do this week. It doesn’t have to be Earth Day to pick up trash. LoL. It’s been a super fun day!!! What did you do for earth day? Anything fun?


10 thoughts on “Rocks & Jelly Beans

  1. The picture of your daughter and you together is precious!
    I have to be honest, I haven’t done much for Earth Day accept gather recyclables around the house and place in the correct receptacle. It’s pretty rainy here again in NJ, which kind of puts a damper on things.
    I’m so happy that you both had such a lovely and productive day together! 💗

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  2. You both are so cute!! I didn’t do anything fun per se, but I did do some recycling at my office today. I recycle regularly, but I even went the extra mile to give away our shredded papers to campers to use for kindling.

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