Morning Mindset

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Here’s my thoughts

This value of kindness is immeasurable. On this “Good Neighbor Day”, I hope to encourage you to sprinkle alittle into another’s life. It’s without a doubt, the easiest thing to do. Good Afternoon, Evening, and Morning. #SpeakLife into yourself  #SpeakTruth into your mind  #SpeakConfidence into your heart #SpeakLove into this world  Spread Kindness like it’s […]

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Pastor Jarrid Wilson, An Advocate For Mental Health, Dies By Suicide | The Rickey Smiley Morning Show

It’s utmost important men accept that they’re human; and, it’s ok to acknowledge feelings. It doesn’t make him look less masculine. It won’t make women less attracted to them. It’s not a sign of weakness. Mental health affects every area of one’s life. If we won’t nurture that part of ourselves, we’ll forever remain messy. […]

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Thought Change

One of the first truths I learned in my journey of self discovery is that the power my thoughts have over my mood. They’re capable of convincing me to believe lies if I think about them often enough. When I got up this morning, I knew today was going to be a rough day. The […]

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Nope, not feeling today

I can tell I haven’t taken my antidepressants all week. I’m either super pissed or a weepy mess… No in between. I am in an awful mood and have been 😞 just want to be left alone to sleep. I HATE when potentially awesome days feel like this… Or that I feel like this on […]

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Dreamweaver II

Good Night to those of us in the EST United States, Canada, and South America. I wish you a lovely night of rest, comforting reassurance, and renewed hope. I wish for you relief from pain, a refreshing deep sleep, and release from the burdens you carry. I wish you great health and a heart abundant […]

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Test of Time

The remnants of lives before us maintain our history: providing valuable lessons, reminders, and timelessness. Though the seasons have changed, and time has continued, pieces of yesterday have withstood the challenges. One day, I hope that of my life will leave an imprint upon this earth. I hope that, despite storms and change, a powerful […]

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