Omg dropping like flies

How do I lose 6+ followers in a single day… AFTER I actually post actively?

I wish I had the time and energy to develop and deepen relationships with all of you… but, I just can’t. It doesn’t make the drop in followers any less discouraging.


35 thoughts on “Omg dropping like flies

  1. The ones you lost could be a combo of things. I regularly lose ‘spam’ accounts. People shut their blogs and stop playing too and then there’s the lovely WP trick of messing up the who you follow lists! I have frequently seen bloggers I KNOW haven’t deleted me suddenly re-ad me. Laura at all the shoes I wear noticed she wasn’t following me just last week. We’ve been close blog friends for over 18 months. There is no way we’d unfollow each other! Of that six you mentioned, I’d be surprised if even one chose to unfollow. I don’t pay any attention to my follow count, I go by interactions, they’re far more fun! It’s the REAL likes and comments that keep me blogging, not followers as the vast majority don’t ever comment.

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  2. Here’s my guess. I know a substantial chunk of the new followers I get seem sketchy, like they’d have no reason whatsoever to be interested in my blog. My theory is that they follow hoping for a follow back, and if they don’t get that follow back then they’ll unfollow you.

    I can’t see any possible reason why anyone who actually reads your blog would choose to unfollow.

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  3. Not all followers are your people. Remember this: your goal is to find the RIGHT people, and the ones who left aren’t the right people. A follower count is just a number; it says nothing about the quality of followers. Take a moment to breathe. This negative emotion will pass. 🧘‍♀️

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    1. Thank you. I actually posted a certain type of post, that occurs weekly. I’m feeling a sense of distaste from previous followers simply because I am not a regular participant or can get to reading everything all the time. Now I could be completely wrong but that’s just a coincidence I noticed.


      1. It’s hard to respond to everyone, but I make a best effort. So don’t feel bad if you can’t engage with everyone all the time. Example: I had a wonderful one on one talk with a famous author. She sent me a book afterward. I sent her a blog response letting her know I received the book but got no response. I know why. She receives so many comments on her website that some are missed. I have other ways to reach out if needed, but the point is sometimes you cant participate or respond to everything followers post.

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  4. Just look at it like this: You lose six, you’ll gain six spaces for new faces and people you may actually connect with. You have a life and blogging can take up a lot of time. We just learn to split ourselves the best way we can, without stressing about it. I’m learning those who are truly down for me will be around and understand that life happens and that blogging is not my life, but something that I love to do when I get the time. I hope this can help ease the disappointment of losing some followers, Nova. Sending hugs to you. ❤

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      1. This makes me think of that quote that basically says that one bad day doesn’t mean a bad life. This day didn’t bring you good news, but it is not an indication of failure for the rest of your life. I think you should keep your account and remember that you touch so many people on here with your presence and your words, Nova. Six people are gone, but look at who’s still around. I can personally say I love what you post. Your gratitude journals and just the thoughtful things you post that help me get through my life. Remember, you are cherished on here… Six people just couldn’t see that. 😊

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      1. @Nova Please don’t delete your account because of follower counts. Take the time to think this through before doing something you may regret later. You’re basing this on your current emotion. Take a moment to breathe. 🧘‍♀️

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        1. @Nova I still don’t think deleting an account will solve anything. If you are feeling exhausted, this feeling will pass. Take a break if you need to. Blogging should be enjoyable, and if its not enjoyable, then perhaps delete… but something tells me that you do enjoy blogging. ❤

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        1. It can be a lot to sort out. Some days finding the balance of the activities to create a blog and enjoy life and accomplish all the other things you need to can be overwhelming. I have much faith that you shall sort things out 😉

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