Six-Word-Story (pt. 2)


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I’m now working some and need to put my 150% into it. I’ll still post as often as I can; but, unfortunately, it won’t be as often. I hope you stick with me and continue to visit. Much ❤️, Nova

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Sad Day in America

Today, the residents of ElPaso, TX desperately need our prayers. 🙏🏼🥺 It’s heartbreaking that such a tragedy has, once again, happened. Hugs to all of you!! Extra warm hugs to you who have relatives in TX. ©️2019Nova 🙏🏼

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Here’s another round

Going through another round of anxiety & depression. I’m exhausted. I’m sad. I’m not ok. I doubt nearly everything said to me. Every ” uncontrollable and unintentional” misfortune feels like salt to the wound… Every asshole move from anyone feels as if it’s intentionally meant to carve into my soul deeper.

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Sometimes, out of no where, tears weld up… and fall like rain… a monsoon…. what causes it? To be honest, I have no freaking idea… it’s sadness, though…. truly soul shaking grief. I am tired of feeling like this, though. It appears my antidepressants aren’t even helping. I don’t know… Once again, I’m feeling so […]

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