Village of Everwood

I would walk a hundred miles to see these gorgeous snow capped mountains. They are mesmerizing in the winter. Every December, they appear iridescent from the village colored lights below. The town is called Everwood. It’s only a population of twelve thousand people. Though small, it’s a wonderfully supportive and close knit community.  ” Everything […]

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Credit attached I’m in a new season of life. I don’t feel strong; I don’t feel emotionally capable of sounding ok or writing about all the positivity I have been. The very idea of positivity sounds patronizing to me right now…. But I’m just hurting…. And with hurt comes grief and anger. What’s going on? […]

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3, 2, 1 Quote Me Tag: Health

Thanks must be given to such a great blogger, Sadje, Keep It Alive, for tagging me in this fun 3, 2, 1 Quote Me Tag! I love quotes! Rules: 3.2.1 Quote Me! Thank the Selector Post 2 quotes for the dedicated Topic of the Day. Select 3 bloggers to take part in ‘3.2.1 Quote Me! […]

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#FOWC: Catch-Up

Viola Royal enjoys every second of her job. The emporium is a fascinating place, divided into spaces for advanced science and engineering displays. The upper floor is designated reading material and manuscripts to guide astrology students. She has always used the stars to rid her soul of negative energy. One evening, shortly after the last […]

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Being honest, real, and open is my first step toward healing. When I reference “healing”, I mean from any degree of pain, in any area of health, within my life. Allowing pain to teach me has only blossomed my character, and it’s prevented repeating occurrences of the same issue. I’m open minded to such teaching, […]

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Invisible Ink

I’m an open book; I’ve never had a poker face. I can’t take superficial, I can’t hide what I don’t like. I’m opinionated, straightforward, and real… But, the personal chapters in my life are written In such a language, only I can teach. Such a departure from my lips, is a gift… So few recognize.

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Error has occurred

Imperfection is a piece of our character. It’s OK to mess up. It’s OK to make mistakes, even if it hurts others or creates discomfort. Messing up is apart of nature. I am learning to love others, despite their flaws. I’m learning to love myself from the same light. I should know how to do […]

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You know it’s going to be a tough week when you start a Monday, crying, before 10 am. The saying goes, don’t create a storm then complain when it rains. Maybe I should remember that. I hate what I feel right now.

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Conversation Starter anyone?

The Haunted Wordsmith ended up on a conversation starter website, and I’ve mentally noted to monitor her browsing (haha, just kidding)! From the site, she pulled 20 questions. I’m listing those and my answers below : What movie would be “improved” if it was turned into a musical? What is the weirdest thing you have […]

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Enjoying the Season

Took a trip out into scenery this morning. It couldn’t have been more than 40 degrees, but the trip was well worth it! This is Lakewood, a suburb of Cleveland. These pictures are of Lakewood Park. It’s a gorgeous and family friendly, clean and great area for picnics, exercises, summer fun and relaxation! It’s one […]

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Self (me) 💗

Happiness looks good on me. It’s a brand new makeup look. It’s a solid 3 hour nap. It’s the perfect lighting of a selfie, and a favorite song playing. It’s a Saturday night doing nothing, but refalling in love with your life. It’s feeling sexy and smiling at the unspoken secret behind a picture. It’s […]

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Thanksgiving Tag

November and Thanksgiving are two of my favorite things:D Everything from the gorgeous colored leafs to the crisp cool air, and football games and oh so delicious food! Laughter and family, hot chocolate, and amazing hot baths… there’s a million things of which to be thankful, so I’m starting a tag, so we all can […]

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flavor. flavor. — Read on Haha, I will defiantly stick with the Starburst flavors! Those of you who enjoy a risky adventure, can eat my share of these 😂😂😂

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#FOWC: Weight

The bucket screamed at me…. ” Help, help!! I can’t hold it anymore. The weight is too much.” So, I saved the day. I ate half the candy supply 😂🤪🎃🌟💀☠️👽👾🤖👻👺👹👿 Check out Fandango’s One Word Challenge Here!

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