9-11 Remembered

Remembering September 11th, eighteen years later. 🔴⚪️🔵

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Attention: Please Read

This late morning/early afternoon, FBI reported custody of a 21 year old male, from Holland, Ohio. Later, they reported a second “incident”, though similar in detail, of a 23 year old female. The FBI and police in that/Toledo area worked hard, undercover even, to keep us safe. Each of these individuals were planning events based […]

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Seventeen Years Later

Wow!… I can’t wrap my brain around the idea that our United States has seen this many “9/11″s. Before that September Day, for many of us.. 9-11 was 9-1-1. It symbolized hope, and help. Teachers and parents taught us, as children, these three, single digit numbers, were a life-line to call someone “in an emergency”. […]

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The Red❣️White⚪️ & Blue🇺🇸

It’s not a national holiday. Nothing in particular triggered a need. It’s something I just want to do, and it’s honestly something I should do more frequently… 🕊❣️💙🕊❣️💙Thank you American Soldiers🕊❣️💙 🕊❣️💙 This country is the best place on this planet. Our freedoms are priceless privileges granted to us at birth. I listen to friends […]

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